Aran ranking’s; Dual Bladers; Evan.

I was somewhat suprised when I found out that P12OxAran beat iYaZe on the fight to 200 on arans, because iYaZe was up there the whole time . Also I’ve been seeing all these “Dual Blader” videos on Youtube I’m actually really exited for them , I’m a huge bandit class fan! But I haven’t really heard much about them only that there pretty much Arans, but I still haven’t found out if its a button masher like Aran. Another video on youtube shows that Dual Blader is another adventurer class along with Bowman, Swordsmen, etc etc… They will add on to the Rouge classes. I realy hope it isnt a disappointment. Also right when they Evan came out I thought it would be a fun class, then looking at it more its really a worthless class mine as well make a Bishop because you still have a Dragon right, like Evan is basicly a Bishop without any good skills, it also reminded me of a Dragon Knight in a way. Plus they cant boss for their lives.

Also on right off spadows blog is this about Dual Bladers

“I think I should clear up a few things.

Q: Actually the name of the new ‘thief’ is dual blade or dual blader??
A:  The name of the job changes per advancement.

Q: Hey Spadow how does the 1st Job Advancement work? So you make a normal character like normal and work your way through Maple Island like a normal class or what? And is it possible to make your character level 10 now and use it later to Job Adv?
A: You create Dual Blade through the character selection window. You will start on Maple Island and at Lv. 10 you will be a Rogue with a few skills: Nimble Body, Disorder, Dark Sight and Double Stab.
It’s not possible to create a Lv. 10 character and wait till Dual Blade comes out.

Q: What’s the different from 20 & 20+ job?
A: You will get different skills and a new job name.

Q: Hey spadow, whats the real mount of dual blade? Because I’m confused if the real mount of dual blade is that tiger or other mount. Can you please tell me the real mount?
A: In a recent patch,  the ability for Dual Blade to obtain the Monster Riding quest from Kenta has been added. So that means Dual Blade will get the Hog and Silver Mane mounts.

Q: So they wear one dagger and one blade? can they wear 2 blades? or 2 daggers? just asking
A: You cannot wear two blades. Only one dagger and one blade.

In version 1.2.293 and 1.2.294 the skills of the Dual Blade job got buffed.” -Spadow

Thanks guys and stay in tuned for this is only the beginning –Wes


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